16'6" Jensen C1W (Retired)

A state of the art very seaworthy hull. Possessing uncompromised speed with excellent whitewater racing and good tripping characteristics. A canoe for the expert, stable enough for the novice.

Hull Features

  1. A unique fine waterline to flared above waterline Aramid reinforced bow point that sustains frontal impacts providing enhanced protection in dangerous water.
  2. Outward flared bow helps deflect spray.
  3. Foot braces.
  4. Tumblehome near center to provide ease of paddling.
  5. Fixed or optional seating.
  6. Vacuum bagged PVC core construction for the ultimate in lightweight construction or center rib stiffening for flexibility and durability.
  7. Aramid reinforced stern for added protection in dangerous water.
  8. Aluminum trim of the highest aircraft grade marine-anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum or Sitka spruce inwales with mahogany outwales on the PVC lightweight canoes.
  9. Nylon cloth reinforcement in all fiberglass lay-ups.
  10. Gel-coat or skin coat finish.
  11. High sides (max. depth by ACA rules) of 14 1/2" to provide exceptional volume as well as dryness.
  12. True shallow arch provides the best design for water displacement.
  13. Increase width for final stability.


Maximum hull width: 29 3/4"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 28 5/8"
Maximum gunwale hull width: 22"
Width at front thwart: 19"
Distance, center thwart to front thwart: 57 1/4"
Width at rear thwart: 21 3/4"
Distance center thwart to rear thwart: 59 1/2"
Weights (depends on hull material, construction and options): 33-49 lbs.