Solo Canoes / Decked Canoes

Decked canoes are the original “hybrid vehicles”. Resembling kayaks in many ways, these boats portage like canoes to offer an on-the-water experience like no other. These are the perfect crafts for places like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area or Northern Forest Canoe Trail. The hull designs are distinctly canoe shaped, while the decks come fully equipped with bungee storage and carry handles. The short deck height allows easy paddling with either a canoe or a kayak paddle. The cockpits feature our floor mounted sliding bucket seat to allow for easy trim adjustment no matter the size of the load. You’ll be the talk of the water in your decked out Wenonah Canak or Mini.

Mini Canak

The Wenonah Canoe Mini Canak is the little sister to our popular and proven Canak. Comfortable to paddle with either a double or single blade paddle the Mini offers improved maneuverability in close quarters, while still delivering effcient tracking in op

Length: 15' 0"
Width: 29"


With a hull shape similar to that of our most popular solo canoe the Prism, the Wenonah Canak is great for solo lake camping when the capacity and portability of a canoe is needed, and the touring ability of a kayak is desired.

Length: 16' 0"
Width: 30"