Solo Canoes / Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure canoes are designed for people with a purpose – fisherman, hunters, photographers, bird watchers and others who want a stable canoe that’s easy to maneuver and manage in and out of the water.

Sports & Leisure hulls are relatively short, wide and deep. They have full bottoms for a solid “footprint” in the water, making them stable and secure for paddling with active children or a jumpy dog. Deep enough to haul all the gear you need, they’ll remain stable in choppy water.

Wee Lassie - 10'6"

Smaller and lighter Wee Lassie for the tranquil nights on the water.

Length: 10' 6"
Width: 27"

Wee Lassie - 12'6"

Built exclusively in a Aramid construction, our Wee Lassie is an effortless carry to and from the waters edge. Easy to maneuver, the Wee Lassie is a joy to paddle while exploring small lakes and ponds.

Length: 12' 6"
Width: 27.5"


The Fusion is a uniquely designed solo blending features of both a canoe and kayak for recreation and fishing. It can be paddled with a double or single blade paddle and its foot controlled rudder makes maneuvering a cinch. The padded high back seat comes

Length: 13' 0"
Width: 31"