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Solo Canoes
Performance Touring

Performance Touring canoes are sleek and efficient. They track like an arrow and glide like no other – perfect for paddling from the wilds of Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park to the far reaching stretches of the Amazon.

From bow to stern, our Performance Touring canoes are ingeniously contoured for efficiency. They are longer than our General Touring canoes (from 16’6” to 18’6”), slimmer (33” – 35” wide) and have average depths to shrug off wind. Arched bottoms increase the hull’s speed. They reward good paddling technique by gliding farther on each stroke than any other category of canoe.


Fast and fun. The Advantage is the ultimate in solo performance.

Length: 16' 6"
Width: 29.5"

Designed for a solo paddler with big plans, the Voyager is at home on large lakes and rivers. If your looking for a Solo that'll take on the Great Salt Lake, Lake Powell, the big reservoirs of Tennessee, or any waters like them, this is your canoe.

Length: 17' 6"
Width: 28.75"