Tandem Canoes / Performance Touring

Performance Touring canoes are sleek and efficient. They track like an arrow and glide like no other – perfect for paddling from the wilds of Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park to the far reaching stretches of the Amazon.

From bow to stern, our Performance Touring canoes are ingeniously contoured for efficiency. They are longer than our General Touring canoes (from 16’6” to 18’6”), slimmer (33” – 35” wide) and have average depths to shrug off wind. Arched bottoms increase the hull’s speed. They reward good paddling technique by gliding farther on each stroke than any other category of canoe.


A sleek, straight-tracking canoe that's easy to paddle and easy to handle out of the water. Designed for day and overnight trips, it paddles efficiently with a light-to-moderate load.

Length: 16' 0"
Width: 36"


The Escapade defines efficiency and superb performance in one compact package. We redesigned this one in 2009, reshaping the bow and stern to improve efficiency, and adding more tumblehome to make solo paddling easier. A good fit for smaller paddlers, tho

Length: 16' 6"
Width: 33.5"


The Escape is a shorter version of the popular Minnesota II, with similar lines and the increased maneuverability that comes along with a shorter canoe. Our medium sized performance tandem, it's a very versatile craft.

Length: 17' 6"
Width: 34.5"

Minnesota II

The Minnesota II is in a class of its own--the most efficient, straight-tracking, tandem tripping canoe ever made. If you travel in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area or Canada's Quetico Park, you'll see a lot of these canoes.

Length: 18' 6"
Width: 35"

Minnesota 3

Designed for three paddlers and their gear, the 20' MN 3 travels faster, with less effort than most tandems. A BWCA campsite maximizer, the MN 3 will allow that ninth camper to come along while following the nine people, four canoes regulation.

Length: 20' 0"
Width: 35.5"

Minnesota 4

A specialized lake-tripping canoe designed for four paddlers. While the Minnesota 3 is a fine choice when a canoe is needed for three paddlers, sometimes it is even better to have one that holds four. We've developed the Minnesota 4 for just this use.

Length: 23' 0"
Width: 35.5"