Accessories / Maintenance

Wenonah Decal
Decal for your boat, bumper or window sticker. Available in white or black. 17" X 2 1/2".

$9.95 USD

Fiberglass Repair Kit
Kit to repair composite canoes with structural damage that hasn't caused penetration.

$54.95 USD

Gel-coat Repair Kit
Fills in scratches and surface cracks on composite canoes or kayaks.

$34.95 USD

Touch-up Spray
Use to cover cosmetic scratches and dings on your Royalex canoe. 8 colors.

$15.00 USD

Scratch & Gouge Kit
Kit to repair scratches, gouges and surface cracks, for use on Royalex and T-Formex canoes.

$69.95 USD

Skid Plate Kit
Skid Plates on the bow and stern can used to repair damage, or for added defense.

$124.95 USD

SPF-50 Boat Guard
The world's first and only true one-step Marine Fiberglass Hull Polish, sealant, restorative and UV protectant.

$19.95 USD