Accessories / Portaging

Ash Yoke Mounting Kit
Kit to mount ash yoke to aluminum gunwales.

$9.95 USD

Laminated Yoke with Pads
Contoured yoke has adjustable pads for comfort.

$99.95 USD

Removable Yoke Kit
This kit allows you to use brackets to make a tandem yoke quickly removable.

$49.95 USD

Removable Solo Yoke and Pads
Don't shoulder carry that solo use our Removable Yoke.

$225.95 USD

Replacement Pads for Laminated Yoke
Replacement pads for laminated yoke. Pair.

$31.95 USD

Sling-style, bolt-on yoke pads
The optimum combination of comfort, light weight and durability.

$79.95 USD