Accessories / Outfitting / Replacement Parts

Adjustable Footbrace
Rivets to any hull, crossbar telescopes for width and is fully adjustable for paddler size.

$49.95 USD

Canak Spray Tray
For the Canak and Mini Canak, this is a work surface, a shade and sheds drips.

$59.95 USD

Thwart - Natural
Replacement thwart with natural finish

$45.95 USD

Handle - Natural
Stock length of 18" Natural finish ash.

$34.95 USD

Canoe End Cap
End caps take a lot of abuse. If it's time to replace yours you'll likely find the right size listed below.

$22.95 USD

Rivets - 3/16 x 1/4 inch 50pc
Replacement Rivets for Gunwales, Thwarts, and Seat Frames

$14.95 USD

Hardware - Yoke, Thwart, and Handles - 4pc
Hardware for Yoke, Thwarts, and Handles. Works with all Royalex and T-Formex constructions with vinyl gunwales.

$6.95 USD

Hardware - Web/Cane Hung Seats
Hardware for installing a web or cane seat on aluminum hangers

$6.95 USD