Tandem Canoes / Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure canoes are designed for people with a purpose – fisherman, hunters, photographers, bird watchers and others who want a stable canoe that’s easy to maneuver and manage in and out of the water.

Sports & Leisure hulls are relatively short, wide and deep. They have full bottoms for a solid “footprint” in the water, making them stable and secure for paddling with active children or a jumpy dog. Deep enough to haul all the gear you need, they’ll remain stable in choppy water.


This short, wide canoe is stable enough to "set the screws" to a 6 pound largemouth bass exploding on your top water frog or lay back and relax in as you watch a mid summer's night meteor shower.

Length: 14' 0"
Width: 39"


The Backwater square stern canoe is for sportsmen with motorized intentions. The rigid aluminum and wood mounting bracket makes for quick and easy addition of a small motor.

Length: 15' 0"
Width: 41"


The Southfork is Wenonah's ultra durable Three-Phase-Rotomolded (TPR) for paddlers looking for exceptional value.

Length: 15' 8"
Width: 36.5"


If your sporting plans call for a lot of gear, tackle, decoys, and a dog, the Kingfisher is your canoe. It's a great boat for catching sharks and snook in the no motor zones of the everglades or just taking the kids fishing for blue gills at the lake.

Length: 16' 0"
Width: 40"


Fishermen and sportsmen will appreciate the Northfork's ruggedness and surprising capacity, families will also feel at home with its exceptional stability. s

Length: 16' 9"
Width: 37.5"

Boundary Waters

Fisherman, sportsmen, and families alike will appreciate its extra stability and surprising capacity for a 17 foot canoe. With this great capacity, this canoe will be well suited for an afternoon paddle, or a two week trip.

Length: 17' 0"
Width: 36.5"