Sports & Leisure / Northfork

Fishermen and sportsmen will appreciate the Northfork's ruggedness and surprising capacity, families will also feel at home with its exceptional stability.

16' 9"  (510.54cm)
Gunwale Width
37.5"  (95.25cm)
Maximum Width
37.5"  (95.25cm)
Waterline Width
35.5"  (90.17cm)
Stern Depth
20"  (50.8cm)
Center Depth
13.5"  (34.29cm)
Bow Depth
20"  (50.8cm)
1"  (2.54cm)
Dimensions May not be the actual lines of the Northfork
Three-Phase-Rotomold 87lbs. / USA MSRP $1,499 USD / Canada $2,029 CAD
Wenonah's Three-Phase-Rotomold (TPR) construction is a sandwich of high quality, solid polyethylene on either side of a polyethylene core. The core brings stiffness and reduced weight while the durable and tough outside and inside solid skins give amazing wear.
Three-Phase-Rotomold Three-Phase-Rotomold canoe shown with Standard Options, may not be the Northfork.

Standard Options -
Black Vinyl Gunwales
Ash Yoke Natural Satin
Hung (Bucket seat not avail.)
Web Seat
Premium Options -