Accessories / Canoe Paddles

Black Lite Elbow Carbon
Pair your composite canoe with this paddle. It will boost your efficiency and stamina.

$199.95 USD

Black Light Straight
Features a T-grip handle offering better control for Canadian and J-stroke styles.

$199.95 USD

Boundary Waters
Light & rugged, has the good looks of wood and the durability of composites.

$124.95 USD

A straight-shaft excellent paddle for touring and tripping for Canadian-style paddlers.

$59.95 USD

A balanced and beautiful elbow designed by Wenonah founder Mike Cichanowski.

$99.95 USD

Tour Lite Elbow
A carbon shaft and handle fixed to a fiberglass blade makes for a great weight to price paddle.

$159.95 USD

Paddle Bag - Double Pocket
Padded bag with zipper. Holds two 56" canoe paddles or a 2 pc. kayak paddle.

$39.95 USD