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Black Lite Elbow Carbon

Canoe racing legend Gene Jensen invented the first bent shaft canoe paddles in the early 1970s. The design was created to solve a problem he saw on the racing circuit—lifting water at the end of the forward stroke. Angling the blade forward eliminated lifting and improved forward power. Today the advantages of elbow paddles are appreciated by racers and backcountry travelers alike.

The first bent shaft paddles were made of wood. Our Black Lite Elbow paddle is crafted from carbon fiber. It’s a half pound lighter than similar wood paddles. That might not seem like a lot, but when you use a paddle all day long it really adds up. Switching from a heavier wood paddle to an ultralight elbow like the Black Lite is the best way to improve your efficiency and comfort on the water.

Weight matters, whether you're portaging a canoe or paddling it across a wilderness lake. If you've never tried an ultralight canoe paddle you'll be shocked at the difference it makes in your comfort and performance on the water. You'll travel farther with less effort and have energy to spare at the end of the day.

We've worked hard to perfect the blade shape of the Black Lite Elbow. A good paddle should enter the water silently, grip solidly during the stroke, and pop out of the water at your hip without a ripple. Not every canoe paddle can do this. It's the gold standard in paddle performance, and the Black Lite delivers.

The Black Lite Elbow is our most popular composite canoe paddle. This graphite bent shaft paddle isn't just for racing or workouts. Its light weight and efficient shape make it the perfect companion for everything from recreational paddles to wilderness adventures. This is our "everyday" paddle and if you try one we think it will be yours too.

It's hard to go back to a heavy paddle once you've tried the Black Lite.

Note: plan on sizing a bent shaft paddle 4-6 inches shorter than a conventional canoe paddle. The most common size is 52, followed by 50.

Blade - 8 7/8"
Offset - 10°
Weight - 13 oz.

Price: $224.95 USD
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