Performance Touring / Voyager KR Edition

Honoring industry veteran and the high priest from The Church of the Single Bladed Paddle, we offer Voyager KR Edition. The Voyager KR comes just one way, “the right way”! Featuring a carbon/aramid hull, bulkheads, self-bailer, black aluminum and finished with sliding race seat integrated with the foot brace, this canoe has been proven on calm to challenging waters and everything between.

17' 6"  (533.4cm)
Gunwale Width
21.5"  (54.61cm)
Maximum Width
28.75"  (73.025cm)
Waterline Width
27.5"  (69.85cm)
Stern Depth
16"  (40.64cm)
Center Depth
14"  (35.56cm)
Bow Depth
19"  (48.26cm)
0"  (0cm)
May not be the actual lines of the Voyager KR Edition