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Cockpit Cover - HD Nylon

These heavy duty cockpit covers are made from heavy duty tear-resistant cargo cover material with superior UV protection. These make a great addition to any kayak, and help keep the elements and critters out of your cockpit during storage and transportation. They come in black and are available in five sizes to fit most Current Designs models.

Small fits Nomad GTS, Willow, Cypress, Squamish, Slipstream, Rumour, Suka, Andromeda, Kitsilano, Pre 2010 - Solstice GTS, Pre 2010 - Squall GTS, Oracle GTS, Raven, Slipstream, & Solstice ST

Medium fits Vision 120SP, Solstice GTS, Storm GT, Infinity, Gulfstream, Caribou, Equinox GTS, Expedition, Libra, Pre - 2010 Solstice GT, Pre - 2005 Storm, Sirocco, & Solstice GT XL, Pre - 2010 Caribou

Large fits Vision 130, Vision 135 roto, Vision 140, Vision 150, Vision 150 roto, Double Vision, Breeze, Equinox GT, Solstice GT, Solstice GT Titan, Unity, Isle, Vision 120, Solstice GT, Squall GTS, Squall GT, Storm, Libra XT, Crosswind, Pre - 2010 Whistler, Orion, Pachena, Pachena DX, Stratus, Prana, Sisu, & Karla

Kestrel fits Kestrel 120, Kestrel 120 roto, Kestrel 120 HV, Kestrel 140, Kestrel 140 roto, Kestrel 160, Kestrel 170T, & Whistler

Solara fits Kestrel 120X, Kestrel 140X, Solara 100 roto, Solara 120 roto, & Solara 135 roto

Price: $39.95 USD
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