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Ash Yoke Mounting Kit


16' 6" Advantage (Retired)

Our ultimate performance tripping canoe. At home with a load in all but the worst tripping conditions, yet stable and quick as well. This is the tripping canoe for the most demanding solo performance paddler.

Hull Features

  1. Fine, straight entry lines aids tracking and makes for a fast hull, giving the canoe a "ten speed bike" feel of increased efficiency.
  2. Volume in the sides creates flare to shed water in waves.
  3. Moderate tumblehome for ease in reaching the water.
  4. Flare at the top two inches throws back water that would come in on a conventional solo hull.
  5. Well-rounded bow sheds weeds and increases durability.
  6. Shear line is the best compromise between a whitewater thoroughbred and a flat water racer.
  7. Volume in the sides creates predictable response when leaning. This makes for sharper turns required in small streams. It also softens the effects of cross winds, whereas canoes with flare tend to catch winds.
  8. Wood gunwales made of the highest grade marine Sitka spruce and mahogany are laminated together for a strong good-looking traditional look.
  9. A tight stern curve and nearly straight stern aid in tracking ability.


Maximum hull width: 29 1/2"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 29 1/2"
Maximum gunwale hull width: 23"
Width at front thwart: 18"
Weight (vary based on construction and options): 27-49 lbs.