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CushGear BackSaver-Bucket - Tandem Canoe Only


18' 6" Jensen USCA Mixed Marathon (Retired)

Jensen designed flatwater racing canoes with unequaled success.

Hull Features

  1. Sharp bow to slice through water.
  2. Wood butt blocks add strength for impacts.
  3. Handles, short thwarts, standard bow and stern.
  4. Sliding seats and stern foot brace standard.
  5. PVC foam core and ribs to lock in shape and provide an ultrlight hull. Self-bailer(s) optional.
  6. A high quality, low maintenance racing canoe with stainless steel bolts, highest grade anodized aircraft aluminum seat mounts, thwart and foot brace; plus clear Sitka spruce inwales.
  7. Extremely flared stern helps lift the canoe to its narrowest waterline for top speed in shallow water.
  8. "Whale Tail" in the Mixed Marathon allows the lighter paddler to sit over the stern, trimming the canoe.
  9. "V" bottom hull for working waterline less than 4".


Maximum hull width: 34 3/4"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 32"
Maximum gunwale hull width: 30"
Width at front thwart: 23 1/2"
Distance front thwart to bow: 78"
Distance center to front thwart: 33"
Width at rear thwart: 23 1/2"
Distance rear thwart to sterns: 82 1/2"
Distance center to rear thwart: 28 1/2"
Weight Aramid hull with PVC core stiffening: 33 lbs.
Weight clear fiberglass hull with PVC core stiffening: 43 lbs.