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Life Jacket 2XL-3XL


8' 11" Q-Star Kayak (Retired)

Ann Dwyer's "user friendly", short and stable kayak.

Hull Features

  1. Bow curve to lift the kayak over obstacles. Grab loop standard.
  2. Sharp bow lines for paddling efficiency.
  3. Roomy below decks for gear both fore and aft.
  4. Molded-in keel forward of center for straight tracking.
  5. Short, wide hull with straight sides for excellent initial stability.
  6. Wide, very slightly arched hull bottom for final stability.
  7. Increased center height to shed water off the deck.
  8. Sharp, curved stern for efficiency and reverse tracking. Grab loop standard.


Maximum hull width: 27 1/2"
Maximum width at 3" waterline: 25 3/4"
Length at 3" waterline: 8' 3"
Cockpit size: 36" x 16"
Weight Tuf-Weave Fiberglass: 22 lbs.